‘…raising your own vibrations to raise vibrations for all life!’

We all have an indigenous ecosystem – we are genetically ancient humans that live in a modern day world. Often, modernity creates disturbances in our ancient ecosystem leading to emotional, mental, physiological, spiritual and physical disturbances that need to be released. By seeing the human body as a whole ecosystem and its connection to all of life, Isla is compassionate about being a part of your wellness journey and returning you to your true self, your indigenous self – complete, connected and grounded.

Shamanic healing works with the person’s energy systems and cellular “extractions” to support them in returning to wellness and completeness. It is an energy-based practice that uses various methods to clear blockages or unhelpful energies as well as channelling spirit or healing energy. The shaman connects to the spirit world on behalf of the client and uses a variety of sounds, movements and tools, such as a drum, rattles, plants, stones and other shamanic objects for healing and guidance. There is a real focus on empowering the client to find their true self, incorporating healing and messages received and integrating them into daily life.

Through her work on complete wellness Isla hopes to educate others to have a  wider appreciation, respect and connection to nature and conservation and a regard for protecting indigenous tribes and their lands. Isla supports several charities and organisations that promote wildlife conservation, protection of indigenous tribes and universal co-existence for all. Conservation is key to achieve complete wellness.

As such, Isla is also passionate about canine wellness and how to create longevity, health and healing for our dogs who, like us, can have distresses in their ecosystems as a result of being  genetically ancient beings living in a modern day world. Here she teaches and explores the physiological, psychological, nutritional, physical, spiritual and energy states of canine wellness.

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Dr Isla Fishburn

Dr Isla Fishburn (BSc Zoology and MBiolSci and PhD in Conservation Biology) is a wellness practitioner, zoologist, conservation biologist and practising shaman. Isla cares about wellness for all of life as a collective and is passionate about spiritual ecology and co-creative partnership with Earth.

She founded Kachina Wellness to merge science and indigenous wisdom together to improve health, connection to nature, raise consciousness and conserve Earth. Her years of research into ecosystem health and working closely with wolves drove her passion for interconnectedness and health even deeper.

Isla has a deep passion and commitment to ecosystem health – from individuals to biomes. As part of her dedication to creating wellness for all of life, she works with nature, plants and spirit to help people and animals return to wholeness. Harnessing a deep connection to the ancient wisdom of nature and spirit as well as knowledge of molecular biology and resonance, she brings this to the modern day world. This allows her to bring teachings and healing by reconnecting mind, body, heart and soul.


…holding a safe space with love, compassion and gratitude

I work with the greatest of love, compassion, wisdom and intention to provide the best support I can whilst I guide you on your healing journey and connection with your indigenous self.

I offer one-to-one shamanic healing and group sessions in Northumberland as well as workshops, meditations and ceremonies that focus on reconnecting people to their true nature, empowering them to remember their own healing path and how to walk in harmony.

There will be a short telephone consultation before you have your session to set the intention, answer any questions, make you feel at ease and to have complete trust.

My shamanic work is a life-long commitment and dedication to live this way of life and practice what I bring to others. As such, I have a natural discipline in my own daily ceremony, practice, meditation and connecting to nature as well as exercise and clean eating. I continue my studies in indigenous healing and teachings so that I can bring further connection, healing and harmony as I walk on this healing path with you, together.

With love and many blessings.


Kachina Wellness
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